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Cheers to Neil who pointed me toward this article in the Wellington Publication ‘Capital Times’.

It’s great to see these initiatives getting some air time (if you’ll excuse the pun) and the co-ordinator of the group Mike Pearson interviews very well on the subject, the passion is obvious and I would hope that, on reading the article, more Wellingtonians get behind TheFreeNet and get themselves involved.

A well balanced article which extols the virtues of ubiquitous connectivity, and also covers the realities that there are some abusers out there who will take advantage of others generosity (aren’t there Mr “I’ve leeched close on a Gb of data from your access point in a month” who got himself blocked from my node last night). The closing quote in the article summerises this viewpoint perfectly for me.

“It’s like the postal service – people use it for good and bad. We believe there are more good people in New Zealand than bad.”

What say you? – Are you ready to share your unused bandwidth with the community? Are you prepared/able to monitor usage and administer leechers?



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