Category: Funny

  • How to kill that pesky creativity in your business

    This video by Harvard Professor Youngme Moon has been sitting in my open tabs for a couple of weeks now as a irreverent reminder of the safe-play bingo phrases which find their way into so many meetings… My Anti-Creativity Checklist from Youngme Moon on Vimeo.   I’ve got *my* personal favorites (being one of the […]

  • Commentary on Corporate Approaches to Social Media

    Honestly, this is brilliant – while the clip itself has been mashed up to cover everything from Hitlers replacement motorbike to his choice in gaming consoles, this subtitling by Laurel Papworth (original article) has a bunch of agencies across the ditch resorting to ad-hominems – a classic sign of “oh-bollocks-what-do-we-do-now”. Disclosure: I have met and […]

  • Larry Ellison talks Cloud

    I was reading a CIO Magazine article this morning on ‘The Cloud’, and found this wee video embedded in the article of Larry Ellison (CEO Oracle) talking about ‘The Cloud’, he certainly calls a spade a spade…

  • Site Design and UI – An Educational Video

    The embedded video came across my Twitter feed this morning (thanks @rgoodchild) under the heading of ‘The Perfect Geek Rapper’. Now while m0serious may not be in the same league as NerdCore rapper MC Frontalot,his material will still coax a smile from those of us who have an interest in site design, UI and Ux […]

  • Economic Analysis

    So much doom and gloom in the media around the impending (or present?) financial crisis, I thought some of you may appreciate the following two clips which explain the current situation quite well… Enjoy 🙂

  • Webcrash 2007

    I got sent this brilliant clip from The Onion today in relation to my previous posting on if we can trust people to backup their content or not. For the reality impaired, the Onion is a spoof site, but funny nonetheless – but just imagine if something such as this did occur to some of […]