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  • Windows 7 RTM – The last installation

    So Windows 7 is now released to manufacturing (RTM for you acronym junkies out there) and this is the last time I’ll need to be installing the operating system before it appears in the shops. During the Beta, aside from a few minor issues with hibernate, Windows 7 has been wonderfully stable and, I must […]

  • Installing Windows 7 (Build 7000)

    Wow. I’m in love again.. well, maybe – I’m certainly in LIKE! A few days ago I wiped out my gaming rig with the intention of installing the latest beta of Windows 7. The Beta was opened up around mid-January and attracted a LOT of attention, and downloads. Personally I grabbed both the 32-bit and […]

  • Mythbuntu 7.10 Released!

    While I haven’t played with MythTV for quite awhile, I was pretty excited to learn that the Mythbuntu project has released their latest update to bring themselves into line with the 7.10 Gutsy release. I’m going to download an ISO of the latest build to try out on one of my machines at home – I’ve […]

  • To HD or Not HD – That is the question…

    Given the work I’ve been doing over the last few years in the DVR/PVR/Television space, I’m now being (rightly or wrongly) sought out by my friends and family for advice as to what to buy when they’re replacing their Television sets. I’ve written an entry on this previously, but figure it’s probably worth another post […]

  • Have you registered your lounge & RFID tagged your friends and family?

    In the continuing saga of the MPAA riding roughshod over the general public comes this wonderful article via my friend Trev which covers the latest lobbying of congress by the MPAA. Dan Glickman want to regulate things before they get too far out of hand and the MPAA loses control like they have with online […]

  • Yeah – that ought to almost do it…

    Yeah… 100Gb/s – that’s what I’m talking about!! I just saw this article on Engadget about the University of California who have sucessfully stood up a 100Gb/s link over fibre between Houston, Texas and Tampa, Florida. Now THAT kind of speed to the premisis would certainly support multiple HD streams for all the TV and PVR devices […]

  • Getting High

    A few weeks ago, I was transferred to the ‘Video Services’ team while our company-wide restructure continues on into its ninth month. This transfer is part and parcel with the braindump we’re doing after my recent trip to IBC and has the potential to get my darling Wife ‘into’ TV enough to let me finally get […]

  • Editing DVR-MS Files

    I love my Windows Media Center – it’s been in place for a little over 2 years now (I think, it’s all been a blur of watching what I want, when I want) but the one thing which has bugged me is the amount of disk space the recordings take, especially given I can now […]

  • Great Guides coming soon?

    I saw this article come through on my RSS feeds a few days back and I thought “I really must flick that link out to some of my colleagues” then I thought “I really must throw that into a blog so I can get down some thinking’s around it” then I thought… “Oooh – Coffee…” […]

  • I got the world on a sling, sitting on a rainbow…

    Well okay, it’s not the whole world – it’s just the bits that Sky TV in New Zealand broadcast, and it’s not sitting on a rainbow either, it’s hooked into the home network and running over the internet. For those of you still confused as to what I’m talking about (i.e. probably everyone), I’ve recently […]