Aaaargh – the pain… THE PAIN!

I’m moving servers after many years and the transition hasn’t been a comfortable experience…

Change is good, unless your pants are loose – in which case, change can weigh things down and cause a lot of embarrassment.

After a number of years, I’ve moved my sites off my server at home to a server hosted elsewhere – it’s gone from an aging NT Server 4 box running Apache 1.3.14 (which has been remarkable stable despite what you may think) to a Debian box running the 2.42 kernel and Apache 1.3.33 which is a heap faster, but nonetheless, it’s not co-operating with my efforts to get things running smoothly.

Case in point – Server Side Includes, the httpd.conf file is setup as per what a zillion sites tell me it should look like and yet the files are not being included, this leave bits of my site like the renovations and wedding pages without navigation menus – which sucks. It’s probably something amazingly obvious but with the way things are at home and work I’m just too busy to get to the bottom of it. If anyone has suggestions, I’m open to giving them a try…

For those who feel like snooping, you can check out the uptime for via this handy wee site from Netcraft, while it doesn’t give you the historical stuff due to a lack of support by NT4 to provide such useful things as uptime.

Tricks for the TiVo

As part of the on-going duplication of data around the interweb, this page is more for my reference than anything else, but if you find this page (and find it useful, then good on you. The TiVo sites I frequent the most are NZ Tivo – The NZ TiVo Community and Oz Tivo which, despite it’s name – has a lot of valuable resources for us Kiwis too!

  • 30 Second Skip
  • Setting the Time
  • Forcing a Re-index
  • Loading a Manual Slice
  • 30 Second Skip
    The most used feature on our TiVo, great for skipping the lead-in / lead-out of recordings and all that stuff inbetween.

    Grab your TiVo remote.
    Bring up any recorded program.
    On your TiVo remote, key in the following sequence: