Month: August 2008

  • Reading List

    I need to start reading some more books to get my brain over it’s current hump… (sorry, but  MPLS Fundamentals, while interesting, isn’t exactly sparking my intellect). Anyway, in an effort to kick my brain back into action, I’ve been trolling some of the groups I’m a member of in various online communities for recommendations […]

  • Can we believe our eyes?

    A friend of mine wrote a post pondering the believability of images now that digital capture tools and manipulation programs are so accessible to whomever wants them. Specifically he raised the question also raised by newsweek in this article. Dale went on to ask the question “what about photos of – say – someone committing […]

  • Customer service – who gets it?

    I had an interesting discussion / exchange of tweets today around the subject of customer service with @audaciousgloop and @Gripnostril twitter certainly is starting to become more of a conversation hub for me than a unidirectional notification/microblog and this exchange was one which really got me thinking.

  • Running Windows Mobile 6.1 on the HTC Apache

    I’ve had an HTC Apache for a number of years now, and I quite like it as a device, unfortunately – it’s an end of life product and as such, the device supplier hasn’t (yet) offered anything in the way of ROM upgrades to let me take advantage of patches for security/functionality or even improvements […]

  • New Meraki Indoor Announced

    Meraki have just released their latest generation of the Meraki Indoor device. This is essentially an access point which supports mesh networking and while it is “small, sleek, low-profile, with an integrated antenna” it’s also pretty pricey at US$149.

  • EEE – Windows XP (SP3)

    I’m going back to the dark side (for awhile) with my EEE OS and have decided to install Windows XP on the internal SSD. NOTE: I haven’t bothered (too much) about reducing the SSD writes as I have 2GB of RAM in the EEE and the calculations I have seen in a number of places […]