Social Search features coming for Google?

Google just started trials of search editing, allowing the user community to vote up/down links returned by the search giant. This not only supports rumors of their impending purchase of Digg, but may well be game-changing for SEO firms who will need to not only understand the mechanics of the search algorithm and ranking systems Google currently uses, but will also need to engage with the community to ensure their clients sites remain ‘above the fold’ in the search results and don’t get buried behind the ‘page three firewall’.

Hat tip to Caroline McCarthy – her article here.

Barcamp Auckland 2 – Redux

So, yesterday I attended Barcamp Auckland and as you could probably tell from my Twitter stream, I found it pretty interesting. The following is more a summation of the notes I took – interestingly enough, I found I was tweeting more than I was typing into my laptop so I’ve had to also check my tweets tagged #bca2 or @barcampauckland for a full list.

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100 days to go…

100 Days to GoToday marks the beginning of the downhill slide in our wait for #4 to arrive… 100 days to go and we’re still trying out names for the little guy. Amanda has started her nesting routine however, and we have random purchases of new baby clothes arriving at our place.

I’d post the countdown widget – but it doesn’t work (elegantly*) with this template… Grr.

You can try following the link and allowing java/installing the ActiveX control